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  • Lilian Huang

  • Lindsey Huang


Hello everyone.
We are Lilian Huang and Lindsey Huang, the founders of the 1 For Community organization.

Lilian Huang, a freshman from Glenbrook North High School, is the president of the organization, while Lindsey, an eighth-grader at Field Middle School, helps run the organization alongside.
On January 16, 2019, our home was completely burned down in a 3-house fire. Losing all our possessions, we felt hopeless: no clothes, no food, no home. However, with the help of our neighbors and several Northbrook residents, we were provided a place to stay and given the essentials for everyday life. Furthermore, there were countless donations from the community such as clothes, gift cards, and money; we were given encouraging messages to help us stay strong. The fact that our community came together to help us during a hard time had amazed us; we were so thankful for them. This was when we realized the true power of a strong community, and how much it impacts lives. Our community's help inspired us to want to give back to them. It was then we decided to make this organization, so we and others can help the people within not only in our community, but in other communities as well.

Thank you,
Lilian Huang & Lindsey Huang

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